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Air Filter Element for Vespa GT GTS GTV MP3

Air Filter Element for Vespa GT GTS GTV MP3

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Air Filter Element for Vespa GT GTS GTV MP3

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Replacement air filter element for original air boxes.

Suitable for bikes listed below as well as the X8 and X9 models:
Vespa-GT 125 ZAPM31 (Leader)
Vespa-GT 200 L ZAPM31 (Leader)
Vespa-GTS 125 ZAPM31 (Leader)
Vespa-GTS 125ie Super 10- ZAPM45 (Quasar)
Vespa-GTS 125ie Super Sport 11- ZAPM45 (Quasar)
Vespa-GTS 250ie ZAPM45 (Quasar)
Vespa-GTS 300ie Super Sport ZAPM45 (Quasar)
Vespa-GTS 300ie Super ZAPM45 (Quasar)
Vespa-GTS 300ie Touring ZAPM45 (Quasar)
Vespa-GTV 125 ZAPM31 (Leader)
Vespa-GTV 250ie ZAPM45 (Quasar)
Vespa-GTV 300ie Vie Della Moda ZAPM45 (Quasar)
Vespa-GTV 300ie ZAPM45 (Quasar)
GTS 125 ie Super E3 ABS 09-16 ZAPM45301 (Quasar)
GT 125 L Granturismo E2 2005 ZAPM31100
GTS 125 E3 07-12 ZAPM313
GTV 125 E3 2006 ZAPM31301
LXV 125 05-09 ZAPM44 (Leader)
S 125 05-09 ZAPM44 (Leader)
GT 200 L Granturismo ZAPM31200 (Leader)
GTS 250 ie 4V E3 05-16 ZAPM45100 (Quasar)
GTV 250 ie 4V E3 06-09 ZAPM45102 (Quasar)
GTS 300 ie Super 4V E3 08-16 ZAPM45200 / 202 (Quasar)
GTV 300 ie 4V E3 10-13 ZAPM45201 (Quasar)
GTS 125ie Super Sport 11- ZAPM45 (Quasar)
GTS 300 ie Super Sport 4V E3 10-13 ZAPM45200 (Quasar)
GTS 300 ie Touring 4V E3 11-13 ZAPM45200 (Quasar)
GTV 300 ie Vie Della Moda 4V E3 2012 ZAPM45201 (Quasar)
LX 125 2V E3 07-08 ZAPM44300
Primavera 50 4T 4V 13- ZAPC531
MP3 125 06- ZAPM473
MP3 125 08- ZAPM631
MP3 125 Hybrid 09- ZAPM651
MP3 250ie LT ZAPM641
MP3 250ie MIC ZAPM632
MP3 250ie ZAPM472
MP3 300ie LT Hybrid ZAPM652
MP3 300ie LT Hybrid ZAPM721
MP3 300ie LT Sport ZAPM641
MP3 300ie LT Touring ZAPM641
MP3 300ie LT ZAPM641
MP3 300ie MIC ZAPM633
MP3 300ie Touring ZAPM633
X8 125 04- ZAPM363
X8 200 ZAPM362
X8 250ie ZAPM364
X9 125 00- ZAPM230
X9 125 Evo 03- ZAPM230
X9 180 ZAPM230
XEvo 125 07- ZAPM366
XEvo 250ie ZAPM364

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