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Kymco Sym Vertical Sport Variator

Kymco Sym Vertical Sport Variator

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An ideal replacement part and modification to the scooters that have the restricted drive boss.

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NARAKU sports variator for Kymco and SYM engines. When calibrated, this variator provides good acceleration at higher top speeds. The restriction of the original variator is lifted giving a greater top end.

The set comes with 7g Variator weights 16x13mm. These weights are suitable for scooters in original condition. If tuning components (e.g. exhaust system or counter pressure spring) are installed, we recommend that you re-calibrate the weights. We offer various kits and 16x13 weights.

Dio ZX 50 94- AF34 / AF35
Dio ZX 50 95- AF28
DD 50 2T AC 03-
Fancy 50 50 2T AC F5L3
Flash / Free 50 2T AC 97-00 F5A
Jet 50 -2000
Mask 50 2T -00
Fiddle 1 50 2T AC 03-08 FA05U
Jungle 50 GA05W-6
Pure 50
Red Devil 50 99-04
Cordi 50
Message 50
Tapo 50
Curio 50 CX50 KCP SA10AJ
DJ 50 Refined SA10ED
DJ 50 SA10AA
Fever 1 50 ZX50 KCA SA10AL
Fever 2 50 ZXII Super Fever
Heroism 50 Calypso 50 KCZ SB10AC
KB 50 Meteorit Scout 50

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