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Polini Maxi Hi-Speed 9R Variator Kit for Aprilia, Piaggio, Vespa 250, 300

Polini Maxi Hi-Speed 9R Variator Kit for Aprilia, Piaggio, Vespa 250, 300

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Polini Maxi Hi-Speed 9R Variator Kit for Aprilia, Piaggio, Vespa 250, 300

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The Polini Maxi Hi-Speed 9R variator kit uses 9 rollers in the variator instead of 6. With the larger surface the gearing is much cleaner and the engine runs much quieter. Processing quality and power output are at a high level as it is known from POLINI. Variator kit is supplied as shown with a set (9 pieces) Variator rollers 20x12 9.2g, torque spring, drive boss, a set of sliders, 1 tube of grease and an applicator tool for the liner. A manual is also included. Suitable for the following maxi scooters (Please ensure you check your model correctly): Aprilia-Atlantic 250 -06 ZD4SPB Aprilia-Atlantic 250ie 07- ZD4SPE Aprilia-Atlantic 300ie ZD4SPG00 Aprilia-SR Max 300ie ZAPM35600 Aprilia-Scarabeo 250 -06 ZD4TD Aprilia-Scarabeo 250ie Light 07- ZD4VRB Aprilia-Scarabeo 300ie Light ZD4VRG00 Aprilia-Sport City 250ie 07- ZD4VBB Aprilia-Sport City Cube 250ie 07- ZD4VBH Aprilia-Sport City Cube 300ie ZD4VBL Aprilia-Sport City Street 300ie ZD4VBR00 Benelli-Adiva AD 250 Derbi-GP1 250 -06 VTHPT1A Derbi-GP1 250ie 07- VTHPT1B Derbi-Rambla 250ie 08- VTHRA1B Derbi-Rambla 300ie VTHRA1C Gilera-DNA 180 ZAPM260 Gilera-Nexus 250ie SP ZAPM354 Gilera-Nexus 250ie ZAPM353 Gilera-Nexus 250ie ZAPM354 Gilera-Nexus 300i ZAPM356 Gilera-Runner 200 VXR 4T LC 03-05 ZAPM243 Gilera-Runner 200 VXR 4T LC 06-08 ZAPM462 Gilera-Runner 200 VXR ST 4T LC 08-12 ZAPM464 Malaguti-Madison 3 250ie 08- 800102 Malaguti-Madison RS 250ie 07- 650000 Malaguti-Phantom Max 250ie 07- 67004110 Peugeot-Geopolis 250ie City N2ADAA Peugeot-Geopolis 250ie Evolution Urban N2ADAA Peugeot-Geopolis 250ie Executive N2ADAA Peugeot-Geopolis 250ie Premium N2ADAA Peugeot-Geopolis 250ie RS Premium N2ADAA Peugeot-Geopolis 300ie Evolution Peugeot-Geopolis 300ie Geostyle Peugeot-Geopolis 300ie Premium Peugeot-Geopolis 300ie RS Premium Peugeot-Satelis 2 300ie Peugeot-Satelis 250ie City J2ADAA Peugeot-Satelis 250ie Evolution Urban J2ADAA Peugeot-Satelis 250ie Executive J2ADAA Peugeot-Satelis 250ie Premium J2ADAA Peugeot-Satelis 250ie RS J2ADAA Piaggio-Beverly 200 03-04 ZAPM282 Piaggio-Beverly 250 04-07 ZAPM285 Piaggio-Beverly 250 RST ZAPM285 Piaggio-Beverly 250ie Cruiser 07-08 ZAPM288 Piaggio-Beverly 250ie MIC ZAPM288 Piaggio-Beverly 250ie Sport ZAPM288 Piaggio-Beverly 250ie Tourer ZAPM288 Piaggio-Beverly 250ie ZAPM288 Piaggio-Beverly 300ie RST 10-12 ZAPM692 Piaggio-Beverly 300ie RST 13- ZAPM692 Piaggio-Beverly 300ie Tourer ZAPM28A Piaggio-Carnaby 300ie Cruiser ZAPM604 Piaggio-MP3 250ie LT ZAPM641 Piaggio-MP3 250ie MIC ZAPM632 Piaggio-MP3 250ie ZAPM472 Piaggio-MP3 300ie LT Hybrid ZAPM721 Piaggio-MP3 300ie LT Sport ZAPM641 Piaggio-MP3 300ie LT Touring ZAPM641 Piaggio-MP3 300ie LT ZAPM641 Piaggio-MP3 300ie MIC ZAPM633 Piaggio-MP3 300ie Touring ZAPM633 Piaggio-MP3 300ie Yourban ERL ZAPM712 Piaggio-MP3 300ie Yourban LT ERL ZAPM751 Piaggio-X7 250ie ZAPM622 Piaggio-X7 300ie ZAPM622 Piaggio-X8 250ie ZAPM364 Piaggio-X9 250 Evo ZAPM230 Piaggio-XEvo 250ie ZAPM364 Vespa-GT 200 L ZAPM31 (Leader) Vespa-GTS 250ie ZAPM45 (Quasar) Vespa-GTS 300ie Super Sport ZAPM45 (Quasar) Vespa-GTS 300ie Super ZAPM45 (Quasar) Vespa-GTS 300ie Touring ZAPM45 (Quasar) Vespa-GTV 250ie ZAPM45 (Quasar) Vespa-GTV 300ie Vie Della Moda ZAPM45 (Quasar) Vespa-GTV 300ie ZAPM45 (Quasar)
Atlantic 250 -06 ZD4SPB
Atlantic 250ie 07- ZD4SPE
Atlantic 300ie ZD4SPG00
Scarabeo 250 -06 ZD4TD
Scarabeo 250ie Light 07- ZD4VRB
Scarabeo 300ie Light ZD4VRG00
Sport City 250ie 07- ZD4VBB
Sport City Cube 250ie 07- ZD4VBH
Sport City Cube 300ie ZD4VBL
Sport City Street 300ie ZD4VBR00
SR Max 300ie ZAPM35600
GP1 250 -06 VTHPT1A
GP1 250ie 07- VTHPT1B
Rambla 250ie 08- VTHRA1B
Rambla 300ie VTHRA1C
DNA 180 ZAPM260
Nexus 250ie SP ZAPM354
Nexus 250ie ZAPM353
Nexus 250ie ZAPM354
Nexus 300i ZAPM356
Runner 200 VXR 4T LC 03-05 ZAPM243
Runner 200 VXR 4T LC 06-08 ZAPM462
Runner 200 VXR ST 4T LC 08-12 ZAPM464
Madison 3 250ie 08- 800102
Madison RS 250ie 07- 650000
Phantom Max 250ie 07-
GT 200 L Granturismo ZAPM31200 (Leader)
GTS 250 ie 4V E3 05-16 ZAPM45100 (Quasar)
GTV 250 ie 4V E3 06-09 ZAPM45102 (Quasar)
GTS 300 ie Super 4V E3 08-16 ZAPM45200 / 202 (Quasar)
GTV 300 ie 4V E3 10-13 ZAPM45201 (Quasar)
GTS 300 ie Super Sport 4V E3 10-13 ZAPM45200 (Quasar)
GTS 300 ie Touring 4V E3 11-13 ZAPM45200 (Quasar)
GTV 300 ie Vie Della Moda 4V E3 2012 ZAPM45201 (Quasar)
Geopolis 250ie City N2ADAA
Geopolis 250ie Evolution Urban N2ADAA
Geopolis 250ie Executive N2ADAA
Geopolis 250ie Premium N2ADAA
Geopolis 250ie RS Premium N2ADAA
Geopolis 300ie Evolution
Geopolis 300ie Geostyle
Geopolis 300ie Premium
Geopolis 300ie RS Premium
Satelis 2 300ie
Satelis 250ie City J2ADAA
Satelis 250ie Evolution Urban J2ADAA
Satelis 250ie Executive J2ADAA
Satelis 250ie Premium J2ADAA
Satelis 250ie RS J2ADAA
Beverly 200 03- ZAPM282
Beverly 250 04-07 ZAPM285
Beverly 250 GT ZAPM285
Beverly 250ie Cruiser 07-08 ZAPM288
Beverly 250ie MIC ZAPM288
Beverly 250ie Sport ZAPM288
Beverly 250ie Tourer ZAPM288
Beverly 250ie ZAPM288
Beverly 300ie RST 10-12 ZAPM692
Beverly 300ie RST 13- ZAPM692
Beverly 300ie Tourer ZAPM28A
Carnaby 300ie Cruiser ZAPM604
MP3 250ie LT ZAPM641
MP3 250ie MIC ZAPM632
MP3 250ie ZAPM472
MP3 300ie LT Hybrid ZAPM652
MP3 300ie LT Hybrid ZAPM721
MP3 300ie LT Sport ZAPM641
MP3 300ie LT Touring ZAPM641
MP3 300ie LT ZAPM641
MP3 300ie MIC ZAPM633
MP3 300ie Touring ZAPM633
MP3 300ie Yourban ERL ZAPM712
MP3 300ie Yourban LT ERL ZAPM751
X7 250ie ZAPM622
X7 300ie ZAPM622
X8 250ie ZAPM364
X9 250 Evo ZAPM230
XEvo 250ie ZAPM364

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