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Organic Compound Brake Pads for Kymco Agility, Like, Vitality

Organic Compound Brake Pads for Kymco Agility, Like, Vitality

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Organic Compound Brake Pads for Kymco Agility, Like, Vitality

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Organic compound scooter brake pads, often used as factory-fitted items.

Replacement pads that are good value for money.

FA135 FA214 FA228 MCB582 MCB689 DB2200

RX 50 11 (D50B) ZD4PVH01
RX 50 11-13 (D50B) ZD4PVG01 / H01/ L01/ M01/ SWA
RX 50 14-17 (D50B) ZD4PVH01
SX 50 11 (D50B) ZD4PVG01
SX 50 11-13 (D50B) (ZD4PVG01/ H01/ L01/ M01/ SWA)
SX 50 14-17 (D50B) ZD4PV
SX 50 Limited Edition 2014- (D50B) ZD4PV
Senda 50 R DRD Racing 11- (D50B) ZDPABA00
Senda 50 SM DRD Limited Edition 12- (D50B) ZDPABB02
Senda 50 SM DRD Racing 11- (D50B) ZDPABB00
Logik 125
Outlook 125 AC
Outlook 125 LC
Burgman 400 AN400 K432 07-08
Burgman 400 AN400 ABS 09- Injection
203 50
Qingqi (Jinan Qingqi)
Agility 125 KN25SA
Agility 125 MMC KN25EA
Agility 125 One KN25TA
Agility 50 4T KG10SA
Agility 50 MMC 4T KG10CA / KG10CB
Agility 50 One 4T KG10SD
Agility 50 RS 2T KE10BA
Agility 50 RS 2T Naked KE10BB
Agility 50 RS 4T KG10SR / KG10SU
Sento 50 SD10RA
Like 125 / Like 125 LX KN25AA / KN25AF
Like 200i KA40AA
Like 50 2T / Like 50 2T LX KE10AA / KE10AD
Like 50 4T KG10AA
NewSento 50i SE10BC
Vitality 50 2-Stroke and Cross SF10FA / SF10FE
Vitality 50 4T SG10AA
YUP 50 SF10EA / SF10EC / SF10EE
Citystar 50
Citystar 50 RS
Django 50 2T Heritage
Django 50 2T ID
Django 50 4T Heritage
Django 50 4T ID
Geopolis 250ie City N2ADAA
Geopolis 250ie Premium N2ADAA
Geopolis 250ie RS Premium N2ADAA
Geopolis 300ie Evolution
Geopolis 300ie Geostyle
Geopolis 300ie Premium
Geopolis 300ie RS Premium
Geopolis 400ie City N2AEAA
Geopolis 400ie Evolution Urban N2AEAA
Geopolis 400ie Executive N2AEAA
Geopolis 400ie Premium N2AEAA
Geopolis 400ie RS Premium N2AEAA
Geopolis 500ie Premium N2AFFA
Satelis 2 300ie
Satelis 250ie City J2ADAA
Satelis 250ie Premium J2ADAA
Satelis 250ie RS J2ADAA
Satelis 400ie City J2AEAA
Satelis 400ie Evolution Urban J2AEAA
Satelis 400ie Executive J2AEAA
Satelis 400ie Premium J2AEAA
Satelis 400ie RS J2AEAA
Satelis 500ie City J2AFAA
Satelis 500ie Evolution Urban J2AFAA
Satelis 500ie Executive J2AFAA
Satelis 500ie Premium J2AFAA
Satelis 500ie RS J2AFAA

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